Personalized Targeted Therapy with Naturacuetics

At present time there are several known natural products named “naturacetics“or products from alternative medicine, which have demonstrated efficacy in destroying tumor cells when tested in vitro, and enhancing the immune response of the patients, however, combinations and over dosage, have antagonistic effects in some cases, combining medications is a risk as it will neutralize the effect of the other causing both to annul or perish its real effect.

On the other hand this overload of products increases the work  that the liver has to perform for “detoxifying” our system in a normal form, the best way to contribute to the treatment in reducing tumor burden in a natural way or with natural products, is to directly measure the action of products on malignant cells individually and equally on each patient and to evaluate products that improve cellular immunity on the patient’s own lymphocytic cells,  thereby guiding and customizing  the most appropriate treatment for each patient, without  the risk of  nullifying or losing the effect of the  products.

We can evaluate 26 “naturaceutics” products for each patient, their treatment is customized, and does not cause liver overload.