And finally our last phase is maintenance, at this stage patients continue activating their immune system as directed with autologous cytokines and maintaining the balance of cell proliferation with natural agents that demonstrated “in vitro” effect on the destruction of circulating malignant cells.
As is well known, the immune system of patients respond individually and is different in each of the patients, therefore each patient will respond or have different clinical response to therapy, each patient is individually and personally evaluated with their circulating cell count, the amount of lymphocytic Regulatory T cells, among other studies.

At this stage the aim is to improve the cellular environment for our immune system so it can act effectively against tumor cells.

The coordinated action of all elements of the immune system, allowed developing an effective response against the tumor cell, but the tumors have different evasion mechanisms that allow their development.

After the treatment at our center, the patient is instructed to continue at home with directions to help  maintain immune system activation.

Maintenance:  Cellular Immunotherapy program is an intense activation of the immune system, this activation phase has a defined period of action and activation, after this period which can vary from 14 to 21 days, the immune system returns to its basal state, our goal is to maintain activation by a longer period of time, it is necessary that patients continue with products that are “immunogens” capable of activating the immune system, with a specific diet and with  personalized supplement naturaceutics therapy.

  1. Extension of Immune System Activation
  2. Specific Nutrition Therapy for Patients with Cancer.