Traditional medicine has many triumphs, but their treatments for chronic and degenerative diseases, are not among them. Conventional treatments are not aimed at the causes of the disease, often resulting in increased progression of the disease through the same treatment given and delay the correct approach on the appropriate therapy which should be given. These conventional therapies often have little or no benefit and compromise a terrible quality of life for the patient.

BIOMEDICAL CANCER CENTER offers an array of successful treatment options for cancer patients and has over 20 years of experience practicing medicine.

Depending on the diagnosis and individual circumstances, biological-integrative treatments may serve as a principal treatment or in combination with other  therapies, this means that in cases where orthodox treatment is carried out ,BIOMEDICAL CANCER CENTER  provides state of the art  measures , preparation and follow-up care to significantly improve the results.
Cancer can only be cured when  its underlying causes are being treated as well .

The number of cancer patients is increasing dramatically.  The causes are multifactorial: these causes are related to changes in lifestyle, habits and emotional problems on a large scale, as well as in agriculture, processed foods and unhealthy eating habits.

Conventional foods are grown increasingly with the use large amounts of artificial fertilizers. That is the reason that these foods are exposed to significantly higher concentrations of heavy metals, nitrates and pesticides in organically grown foods. Furthermore, “food” hardly grown in this manner contains vitamins, minerals or trace elements. Consequently, we are more and more frequently forced to buy expensive supplements because of the lack of these from the natural source.

Biological Treatment of cancer is based on a combination of comprehensive strategies. Consequently, Biological medicine has developed individual combinations of various therapies in order to cure the patient, rather than the disease itself.

A key aspect, of course, is prevention. A healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy balanced diet, sufficient physical activity and emotional stability are perfect conditions for a significant reduction of risk. We believe that these issues are of utmost importance.

BIOMEDICAL CANCER CENTER has extensive experience in the treatment of various types of cancer. Focusing exclusively on biological therapies.

The biological treatment of cancer, BIOMEDICAL CANCER CENTER offers is aimed at achieving various objectives in the interaction – leading to ideal results:

  • – Treatment to fight cancer cells and prevent metastasis
  • – Strengthen and boost the immune system
  • – Find and eliminate the causes that promote cancer

Biomedical Cancer Center   is located  at a state –of-the-art Hospital which  has everything you could ask for, located in the city of  Tijuana, BC , south of San Diego, CA. Tijuana, a city known for decades for its upscale health  services,  advances in medical procedures and treatments , where medicine is practiced by qualified staff that will provide detoxification support to your body which is  needed to strengthen your digestion system , and build a strong healthy immune system, all the basic components to maximize  healing and maintain a healthy body.

Experience has shown that a comprehensive immune therapy, causes inflammation of the connective tissue with its cytokine cascade, and may increase activation, mobilization, and maturation of dendritic cells and behold the effectiveness of vaccines.