Directed Studies

  • Tumor Necrosis Factor: This cytokine has been linked to the progression of the disease, and the probability of the existence of metastases in cancer patients, their control is part of the treatment.
  • Counting of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC): Circulating tumor cells is the test that evaluates the response to our treatment, and that leads us to an assessment of the severity of the disease, its control and reduction is one of our goals.
  • Regulatory T lymphocytes cells: Lymphocytes T are a type of regulatory lymphocytes that counteract or inactivate the “activation” of the immune system, there is a direct relationship between these cells and the progression of the disease, and that has been associated with failure in some programs of immunotherapy.
  • Glutathione: Is an essential antioxidant, plays an important role in controlling the population of leukocytes, their loss is related to the use of radiation, stress, aging, certain drugs and contamination affecting the immune cells, its balance is an important part of our program.
  • Sensitivity to alternative health products and complementary medicine: The customization of therapy is one of our goals, natural products have been shown to have beneficial effects in patients with cancer, but the abuse of them may affect the  liver detoxification system, plus it could have an “antagonistic” effect, that is, that some of the drugs can suppress the effect of others, neutralizing the effect of both drugs, canceling their effectiveness, what we strive for ,  is the combination of these products that demonstrate more effectiveness in the mortality malignant cells, and on the other hand those who prove to have greater impact on the population of white cells of the immune system.