One phase of our program is called DETOX,  which is the initial part  and the goal is to improve (change) the tumor microenvironment.


  • Diet is an important factor in the etiology of various types of cancer. Its effect has been extensively studied from the metabolic and epidemiological point of view. Dietary factors studied cover from macro-nutrients like fats to micro-nutrients such as antioxidants substances.
  • Neoplasms have their origin on two factors: genetic or endogenous and the environmental or exogenous. In fact the environmental factors are responsible for 98% of all tumors.
  • The environmental carcinogenic agents are classified as chemical, biological and physical. It will be their concentration or level of exposure and time of action what will determine the possible pathological effects at a short or long term.
  • Among the Environmental factors we must emphasize the importance of the diet, this is why it is a priority in our program and all the programs that will see a patient with cancer as an individual and not as a pathology. Nutritional intervention should be implemented as soon as the cancer is diagnosed.
  • According to the patient’s needs, considering the type of cancer treatment (curative or palliative), the clinical conditions and nutritional status. And In order to reduce or even reverse the deterioration of nutritional status, to improve in general and consequently improve the Quality of Life;  nutritional counseling in our program is conducted by a nutritionist in patients with chronic diseases and cancer.
  • The Balance between energy expenditure and energy consumption, is a balance of life and survival in these patients.


  • Free Radicals are made continuously as a product of the normal metabolism of each cell and they are inactivated by a set of mechanisms (some by enzymes and others by entrapment). They are normal components of cells and tissues, a pool of FR exist particularly in each cell line and in some cell types they allow a better adaptation to their habitat. When raising or decreasing physiological concentrations of reactive oxygen species (EROS) they can carry a significant functional impairment. Atherosclerosis, aging and cancer to name a few.
  • The excess free radicals cause cellular DNA damage, this damage can range from the modification of a base in DNA molecules, to the rupture of a chain of DNA, mutations, activation of oncogenes and inactivation of suppressor genes and endothelial damage favoring metastasis
  • In cancer treatment, the mechanisms exerted by most chemotherapeutic agents and ionizing radiation to kill the tumor cell, increasing the generation of more free radicals leading to irreversible tissue damage, for which antioxidant treatment provides a therapeutic advantage.
  • Antioxidants improve the quality of life and survival of patients with cancer, so its use is part of our program as a therapy and not only prevention.


  • It is a potent oxidant.  Bacteria, fungi and viruses have no or very little antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes, without protection, ozone will penetrate  the cell membrane causing it to rupture and die, healthy cells have antioxidant enzymes in their membranes and are not affected by ozone therapy.
  • Medical studies on ozone have shown benefits such as: improved wound healing, anti- inflammatory effect, improves the immune system response, and increases the release of oxygen to tissues that have low oxygen perfusion.
  • The use of ozone steam therapy as an integrated treatment modality for cancer is based on the premise that cancer cells and indeed most microorganisms are anaerobic and therefore cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. Enriching the blood with oxygen flow, decreases the likelihood that the cancer cells will survive. In addition to creating an inhospitable environment for cancer cells, enriching the blood with activated oxygen (or ozone) has the added benefit of free radical oxidation in the body, which acts as a natural cleansing agent.
  • Some of the most commonly cited benefits of ozone are:  To inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and protozoa, stimulate the immune system, purify the blood and lymphatic system, improve circulation and remove arterial plaque, improve oxygen metabolism, forms peroxides;  it has been observed that it can promote or favor  tumor dissolution.


  • Vitamin C is a necessary biological cofactor of many enzymes that have important metabolic functions in our body, related to the formation of collagen molecules (essential for connective tissue), with the biosynthesis of carnitine (necessary for the energy use of lipids), with obtaining nor epinephrine (a hormone and, simultaneously a neurotransmitter), with the absorption and metabolism of iron stored, as well as many others. Ascorbic acid is an effective antioxidant quite destructive of oxygen free radicals, involved in cellular aging processes and constituents of the origin of many degenerative diseases, malignant and cardiovascular diseases. In radicals we have superoxide anion, hydroxyl radical, peroxil, oxysulfide, nitroxide and others. It can also offset other non- radical oxygen reactive species such as singlet oxygen, hypochlorous acid, peoxynitrous acid, ozone and nitro sating agents.
  • All this leads to various beneficial effects of ascorbic acid: a) inhibition on plasma lipids and lipoproteins of per oxidations caused by the activating effects of infections or tobacco smoke constituents; b) decreased natural oxidation and the one caused by the hemoglobin molecules, our precious blood protein carrying oxygen necessary for the metabolism of our cells; c) elimination of dangerous oxidants like hydrogen peroxide, present in some animal tissues; d) improved vascular function in patients with vascular disease; e) respiratory protection against airborne contaminants, and many other similar possibilities.


  • – Not only the mercury vapor from amalgam is the sole factor that may contribute to the onset and progression of cancer, the other components of amalgams such as nickel are involved in this alteration to the immune system, the removal of heavy metals from the circulation with Chelation Therapies help to clean other toxins from  the body and  the program is an important part of the conditioning phase.


  • – Colon hydrotherapy, is part of our program in the conditioning phase, in order to make a more through detoxification, colon hydrotherapy is an effective method to disimpact colon feces without the use of drugs, it also has benefits such as: the release and elimination of toxins from the stool, improves the quality of the circulating blood, supports the immune system and helps to restore the pH of the body and feces.


  • – Glutathione is a protein of critical importance in cancer patients, it has been demonstrated in previous studies that it´s deficiency can determine alterations in the DNA sequence and promoting gene expression or inhibit abnormal genes that suppress tumors; this is a treatment which is increasingly more frequently used in conjunction with conventional treatments.
  • – The level of Glutathione is affected by having a low diet of glutathione, pollution, radiation, stress, injury, trauma, aging and infectious process, all these conditions favor the loss of glutathione, and this reduction affects the cells aging process and cell death.
  • – Our own body cells, are able to produce its own glutathione, to defend against everyday threats, it is a potent detoxifier, for this reason it is more abundant in the liver, there are several ways to increase it, oral forms  are not the best choices, since its absorption in the intestine is very poor, a systemic intravenous infusion is the best choice.

Unfortunately, the indiscriminate and undirected use of this supplement is becoming more common, but an overdose of glutathione, can cause the same effect as its deficiency, for this reason, we evaluated the blood level of glutathione in order to correct it´s deficiencies more precisely.