Our second phase is conditioning, at this stage the protein deficiencies are corrected, specific nutrients are provided those that demonstrate in-vitro effect on mortality of malignant cells, as well as favoring the activation of the immune system, in this stage our detoxification procedure is also performed, infectious foci are eliminated and diminished the blocking cells of the immune response.

The influence of the tumor microenvironment has been ranked as one of the reasons for failure of immunotherapy, for that reason, it must be improved before any intervention with immunotherapy.

The tumor microenvironment is influenced by an increase of oxygen free radicals (FR), the imbalance can lead to the development of atherosclerosis, aging and cancer, these FR damage DNA, producing a change on the sequence of their amino acids, which results in the appearance of mutations and carcinogenesis.

The Conditioning phase for the Biomedical  program consists of the following stages:

  1. – Detox program
  2. – Decrease on the Blocker Cells from the Activation of the Immune System
  3. – Decreased Circulating Tumor Burden
  4. – Oxidative Stress Improvement
  5. – Targeted Therapy and Personalized with Naturaceutics