Cancer Therapies

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By stimulating the body’s natural immune system, Immunotherapy mobilizes the body’s own powerful anticancer mechanism to help achieve a specific and durable response.
Immunotherapy has been under evaluation for more than a century, but only recently has it entered a renaissance phase with approval of multiple agents for the treatment response.

Medibiologica or Biomedical Cancer Center, is a group of physicians who share the philosophy of treating patients with “their own” defense, led by Dr. Dueñas and Dr. Calderon, they have created and evaluated a customized program, using and evaluating the molecular profile of the patient’s own cells to treat the disease.


At the time of proposing a targeted treatment for patients with cancer it should be taken into account all the other aspects that surround or influence the progression and tumor cell generation, conventional treatments, they just destroy tumor burden, but in some instances, this process alters the environment around the tumor and may promote cell embolization beyond the destruction of the tumor mass, and which result in metastatic disease with chemo or radio resistance, making it more difficult to treat , however if these elements are taken into account and therapies are more personalized and targeted, the expected result should be the control of tumor progression and improved survival of patients with cancer.