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Treatments for cancer in Tijuana


Chronic diseases, such as cancer are on the rise  - Cancer is considered a degenerative disease, due to its complexity in terms of causes, organs which may be affected and complications that may occur, hence the importance of seeing the patient in a holistic manner to provide the best and the most comprehensive approach to treatment.

Cancer diagnosis is one of the most frightening news that a patient can get from their doctor.  Biological medicine states, cancer is simply the result of many toxins in our bodies causing an internal crisis decreasing vitality. The origin lies in one or more factors.

Emotional trauma, repressed emotions, lack of hydration, nutritional deficiencies, stress, heavy metal accumulation, waste disposal hampering by the body. When these wastes build up in organs or viscera cause inflammation, irritation, swelling and abnormal cell growth. 

These tumor cells are deprived of nutrients necessary for survival. Forced to mutate and ingest any substance in its way including toxins to survive, take over all nutrients, such as glucose, calcium and magnesium, causing whole organs cease to function properly.

Sugar is cancer´s favorite food as it gains energy quickly.

  • Cancer occurs in a specific environment that fosters the growth of tumors in the body.
  • This environment develops due to many causes and conditions which varies from one individual to another.
  • These causes remain chronically active even after removal of the tumor.

To understand the problem it is important to know what Cancer is?

They are a group of cells that have become damaged, but why?, Thanks to  Picsinger studies we know that "cellular environment alters cells ", most diseases begin with kidney , lung, liver or multisystem failure. Filters that are working 24 hrs a day, filtering 5 liters of blood, passing through the body´s networks in one minute. These filters become dirty as they filter metabolic waste from the cellular system. If the organs function as they should, these wastes will be eliminated with no problem, these residues are acidic in nature, (Carbonic acid, uric acid, fatty acids, etc..). These in turn result in changes in pH, although in the blood, this PH  cannot be changed so drastically, however possible and when it does, go into a brutal Metabolic acidosis which  can cause death, hence  metabolic waste is accumulated  in the interstitial space (Extra Cellular Matrix), and this is what generates inadequate nutrition to the cells, they are destroyed before entering the cell and decrease the supply of oxygen, blocking functions  between the capillary and cells, and  produces or formes  Endotoxin (Reckebeck Homotoxicology creator), it is said that the cell had just drowned by their own metabolic waste (cell´s excrement). A healthy cell, floats in water (most body mass is water), and should live in a pool of clear water. When the filters stop working, they cease to remove up to 20% of this waste, which will be retained in the same filters, in the capillaries and in the extracellular space, which eventually will become contaminated and not perform adequate cleansing. Piscinger said disease begins around the cell, and not inside. Cellular environment degrades the system and in turn  and keeps out necessary and  proper nutrients, and ends up being attacked by its own acids.

Malignant tumors do not develop in a healthy body  with intact defenses and proper repair functions .

Under these conditions  cells have only two options:

  • DIE: Due to lack of oxygen, burned by  free radicals  accumulated around it.
  • MUTATE: Fend for itself for survival
- Lives in an alkaline medium. 
- Lives with oxygen.
- Lives with little sodium.
- Uses left-handed proteins.
-  Lives in an acid medium.
- Lives without Oxygen, Anaerobic.
- Lives with excess amounts of sodium.
- Uses right-handed proteins.

Cells which decide to live in these adverse conditions, can only die or Mutate, and for a cell to live normally it needs energy obtained from ATP, derived from the Krebs cycle, but in a tumor cell that has no oxygen, not obtained in this way but uses an oxidative pathway pyruvic acid cycle through lipolysis and generates ATP, Lactic acid + alcohol, indicating that it is a natural fermentation route and explains why alcohol is found in tumors. Anaerobic This route allows the cell to live a SURVIVAL mechanism, because its survival is at stake. This cell starts holding extremely high amounts of sodium in it, and Potassium lost, contrary to a healthy cell that has potassium in the cytoplasm inside and sodium outside.  A reverse system . This explains that tumors are made up of Alkaline inside, because the cancer cell must contain alkaline inside to withstand acid attack from the outside. (Inside a tumor cell  we find alkalosis  and  we see   acidosis outside).
Traditional medicine treats cancer with these three therapies, alone or in combination with each other: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

Malignant cells are supposed to be surgically removed and / or destroyed by cytostatic or radiotherapy.

However, with the intention of removing the tumor, unfortunately, these treatments also cause unwanted and often catastrophic side effects. 

  • Chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy : produces hair loss, bone marrow damage, mucosal damage, contamination and damage to  liver and kidney , skin damage, nerves and organs  exposed to the radiation field are damaged as well. And more often other effects are primarily a decrease in the overall condition of the patient, nausea, vomiting, weight loss and susceptibility to infection, mental stress accompanied by dramatic Depression. Recovery period in between and after treatment cycles is difficult and prolonged. The cure rate after 10 years is very poor with these treatments  it is no more than 2.5% in general.
  • Surgery : In many cases produces lymphedema (swelling of the arm after thoracic surgery, or removal of lymph nodes, etc..), scar interference fields (scars that affect the flow of energy through energy meridians), local infections on surgical wounds, and antibiotics for long periods of time which in turn decrease and affect the immune system.

This is where established biological treatments play an important role, rearranging the patient´s nutrition, as well as a great supply of vitamins and trace elements, the administration of medicines based on natural products and homeopathic therapies that support detox and cleansing through the liver, kidneys, and other channels to provide the overall protection of the cell and immune system`s structure.